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Key Activities of the company

Identification and preparation of a comprehensive list of all NRC land and landed properties within the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Preparation of valuation appraisal and give professional opinion for the open market value of NRC land and landed properties.

Processing and grant of lease and other allocations on any of the said properties vested in the NRC/RPMCL

Ensuring that all such developed properties of the Company are insured properly.

Carrying on the business of property development and consultancy

Invest its funds in revenue yielding ventures after due consultation with the Board

Commercialization and management of NRC land and non-operational abandoned buildings, structures and such other landed properties of the NRC

Acquire any assets , business, property, goodwill, or do such other things as deem necessary or convenient for the purpose of attaining the objectives of the Company

Partnership, joint venture or any arrangement with any person or company carrying on the business of real estate or any business capable of being conducted directly or indirectly to the benefit of the company.