Recent Achievements

Over the last three years, the Company has doubled its revenue figures and have continually raised the revenue targets.

Based on the new business strategy, the Company is now focusing more on property development than granting leases. The Company has embarked on the following developments:

  • Construction of 40 rooms hotel in Lagos.
  • Construction of 90 shops and 4 warehouses in Kaduna junction station.
  • Commercial Lease of development of A NEW ULTRA MODERN MARKET AT NRC STATION, KANO; The former dilapidated structures were replaced with new ones

The Company has captured most of our critical documents such as the Green book, the station plans, title documents, lease agreements etc into digital format for effective storage and retrieval. It will also preserve the documents

The Company has focused on recovering outstanding debts with a recovery target of 30% every year.

The Company has captured most of our property and tenants records and other critical operational documents into a computerized database with the aim of linking the database to the proposed GIS and LIS system.

The Company has implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system Sage X3 for our Financials, Procurement and HR functions