RailwayPropertyManagementCompanyLimited is structured into FOUR departments:

The Land & Estates Department is responsible for the Administration and Management of Railway Land and landed properties Nationwide. The Department ensures the efficient management of railway landed properties for optimum revenue generation while also making conscious effort of protecting the landed properties from encroachment and trespass. 

The Department comprises of relevant professionals such as: Estate Surveyors & Valuers, Town Planners, Land Surveyors and other relevant professionals. 

Some of the routine management responsibilities of the Land and Estate Service Department include:

  • Processing applications for Lease, Temporary Occupation Licenses, way-leaves and other grants to applicants interested in letting Railway land and landed properties
  • Processing and ratification of building plans for proposed development of railway land
  • Processing and granting of Consent to holders of Railway land who are desirous of transferring their interest in the land to a third party
  • Delineating plots and establishing boundaries of leasehold interests in Railway land
  • Determining the Highest and Best Use of Railway land to enable effective management decisions
  • Revising rents of Railway Landed properties that are due for revision
  • Determining the rental values of vacant Railway landed properties that are to be let to interested applicants
  • Demanding rents that are due for payment from tenants on Railway landed properties.

Property Development and Engineering Services department was established in September 2012 to achieve the Company’s aims and objectives in the areas of development of new Building Assets and engaging in carrying out Engineering Services in the area of sundry maintenance of existing assets and property. The department is well staffed with a full complement of Professionals in the area of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering including Quantity Surveyors. Most of the staff in the department are professionally registered with their various Professional Bodies and Associations and they are chartered to practice in their various fields. The vision of the department is to prudently utilise the Company Asset (Land) by developing and expanding the usage to generate additional revenue while repositioning the department and bracing up to defile all odds in order to align with the Company Vision and Mission Statement.

The Finance and Administration Department is the most valuable asset of any organization as it coordinates other factors in the production value chain to generate profit. The Finance and Admin department is responsible for managing financial and administration activities to achieve financial goals, develop business plans, timelines and budget to perform financial projects, monitor and manage expenditures within allotted budget. The Department ensures a well-trained, highly productive, adequately motivated and   very disciplined Workforce while using a best practice model for the Company’s financial accounting, reporting and control system which impacts positively on the Company’s bottom line.
The Railway Property Management Company Limited has a virile Legal Department for efficient delivery of Legal Services to the Company. The Company has a team of qualified and competent Lawyers under the leadership of the Director (Legal Services) to take charge of all legal and legal related external matters. The performance of this formidable team called in-house lawyers are so enhanced by the facilities provided by the Company for the 3 Units of the Legal Department. The services of Legal Department benefits all other departments in the Company. The services include but not limited to Secretariat duties, Legal Drafting, Conveyance of ADR and Litigations. Apart from certain statutory duties, the in-house Lawyers perform other duties that are not fixed by Law. The Legal Department is responsible for providing Legal Services to the Company, its Divisions and Employees. The Department provides legal consultation and advice as well as reviewing the rules, contracts and agreements generated by other departments. Expression of Legal opinion on issues that are referred to the department in addition to pleading all cases of the Company; creation of Legal awareness and orientation to Company Staff. The provision of appropriate Legal advice and a correct legal opinion has been the corner stone for sparing the Company from involvement in any potential problem arising from its activities. The in-house Lawyers are at the heart of strategic business planning, achieving business goals and protecting property reputation. The Company cherishes the Department for its expertise in drafting resolutions, letters, memos and contribution to administrative decision making. Our Legal team rigorously strives to put the Company’s Legal Department in order to achieve the Company’s activities are in conformity with all Laws and regulations.

RailwayPropertyManagementCompanyLimited is structured into Two units


We seek to proactively identify risks, evaluate controls, and make recommendations that will strengthen company operations.


To be known for providing superior internal audit services in a value added and best practices manner.


  • Assessing the reliability of financial and operating information.
  • Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Verifying Company’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contracts, policies, procedures and sound business practices.
  • Verify the existence of assets and recommend proper safeguards for their protection.
  • Advising and providing Company’s employees with ways to increase internal control knowledge, awareness, and assessment capabilities.
  • Coordinate audit efforts with and provide assistance to the Company’s external auditors.
  • Evaluate business procedures for adequacy of internal controls and provide advice and guidance on controls aspects of new policies, systems, process and procedures.
  • Conduct follow- up audits to review and evaluate the adequacy of management actions in correcting noticed problems and ensure satisfactory solutions of all significant issues.
  • Provide oversight coverage in the company’s areas of operations include projects monitoring, supervision and review to determine the risk, effectiveness and efficiency of operations and ensure value for money for all projects executed by the Company.
  • Carry out high level investigations and inquiry on the occurrence of fraud; embezzlement; theft; waste and recommend controls to mitigate or prevent such occurrence(s).